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Berkeley's Youngest -- And Arguably Best -- Student is 12 Years Old

Berkeley's best and brightest is 12 years old and will graduate at 14.



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    The most impressive feat Kiavash Garakani has accomplished during his brief time on campus at UC Berkeley isn't his 18-hour days, his 1-percentile grades and test scores, or the fact he's on track to graduate in two years.

     It's that he's 12 years old.
    Kiavash is currently the school's youngest student, according to The Daily Cal, and he's among the university's most-accomplished. 
    He's excelling in "some of the most challenging undergraduate courses on campus," and plans to grab a degree in molecular and cell biology by the time he's 14.
    His parents are high-achievers, too: father Mehryar Garakani holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley, and his mother Elham teaches cytopathology at UC San Francisco. 
    Kiavash's older sister also enrolled at Berkeley at 14, making them the youngest students at Cal in 17 years, the newspaper reported.
    He began attending community college at the age of 8, squeezing in advanced English and math classes in between piano lessons, a judo class, and Chinese classes, the newspaper reported.
    Now all those are on hold while he pursues his undergraduate studies, the newspaper reported.
    Mehryar had to take two years off to devote himself to his childrens' studies, a period spent shuttling his children to and from classes at three different community colleges, the newspaper reported.