Covered California Partners With Churches, Libraries Offering Free Assistance Before March 31 Deadline

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    Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco offered Covered California enrollment assistance Sunday ahead of the March 31 deadline - March 23, 2014.

    Covered California partnered with churches and libraries across the state, offering free, in-person assistance ahead of the March 31 health-care enrollment deadline.

    At Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, some people said they were happy for the help.

    "It's looking like it's extremely affordable for me. I'm extremely excited about it," San Francisco resident Dan McGonagle said. "I feel comfortable knowing that I have an opportunity to be insured. The coverage that they're going to give me is going to be better than what I thought I was going to get for $300 or $400 for literally a fraction of what it was looking at."

    Last weekend, Covered California enrollment passed the one-million mark.

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    Those who do not sign up in the next eight days will have to wait until November when enrollment reopens.