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High Tech Pen Helps Vets Succeed in College

This weekend the nation pauses to thank veterans for their service.



    (Published Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012)

    The served their country, now the Los Altos Rotary Club is paying it forward.

    The organization recently raised $15,000 to purchase what are called ‘smart pens’ for military veterans attending Foothill College in Cupertino.

    "It puts me back into the classroom because I’m able to listen to it and its not intrusive at all,” said Kevin Vogt, who served in the Army for several years.

    The smart pens are manufactured by an Oakland company named LiveScribe. Students can record lectures on the pens and take notes.

    When they place the pen on a particular part of their notes, they can hear the lecture given by their professors.

    “I can’t write as fast as anybody can talk. But you can just jump right back and listen to whatever the teacher said,” said Vogt.

    The Veterans resource center at Foothill College said the pens will come in handy for veterans suffering from PTSD or other military related disabilities.

    “This is a fabulous donation of the smart pens that we can loan out to our students so they can use them and succeed with their classes,” said Earl Richard miller, another veteran.

    Each smart pen costs about $150, and the Los Altos Rotary Club raised enough money for the 400 veterans studying at Foothill College.

    And appreciative Vogt said, “What they’re doing for us is fantastic.”