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Pixar's "Brave" Brings Home Oscar

27th Oscar for Studio



    (Published Monday, Feb. 25, 2013)

    Pixar, famous for blending technology and movie making, brought home Oscar gold yet again, scoring a best animated feature film award for "Brave."

    It's the Emeryville's studio's 27th Oscar; not bad when you consider that even in a big year, it cranks out one feature film. It has dominated the animated feature category lately, winning five of the last six awards.

    Like Merida, the red-haired heroine of 'Brave," Pixar has been successfully aiming at hardware for years.

    Unlike Merida, though, the studio hasn't yet made it through to the biggest prize, a best picture Oscar.

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    Still, Pixar has had a great run run. The company tells NBC Bay Area employees plan to celebrate when the directors get back home, complete with Scottish kilts, befitting a movie set in Scotland.

    It was an especially strong year for Pixar's parent company, Disney,  when it comes to animation. In addition to "Brave," two other Disney offerings, "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Frankenweenie" were also up for the animation Oscar.

    No fashion, no stumbles, no famous speeches; For Pixar, it's just constant domination of its category. And lots and lots of golden statues.

    Watch Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman on Brave.

    Watch a movie trailer of Brave:


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