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SJ-Bound Man Protests TSA, Strips

Man bound for San Jose strips down in airport security line



    (Published Wednesday, April 18, 2012)

    An air traveler, bound for San Jose, wound up in handcuffs overnight after taking off all  his clothes in an airport security line.

    John Brennan, 49, is facing charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct after stripping down at Portland International Airport Tuesday night.

    Brennan says, he did it in protest of TSA screeners who, he insists, were harassing him.

    Brennan says, "I've sent in complaint forms and heard nothing. This was my next action. I know nude, but not lewd, in Oregon is a protected speech, so I’ll choose that option."

    Brennan says TSA screeners told him he tested positive for nitrates, just moments before he decided to strip down.  

    Airport authorities say they arrested Brennan after he refused to put his clothes back on.