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South Bay Man Takes on PG&E

Gas pipeline runs through Mountain View man's backyard



    (Published Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013)

    A South Bay man is taking on PG&E.

    Dennis Goldwater learned last summer gas pipeline 132 runs under his backyard. That's the same line that exploded in San Bruno. PG&E is telling Goldwater and 16 of his neighbors the right of way above the pipe must be clear in the name of safety.

    Which means backyard landscaping, trees and patios must go. PG&E says, "What we’re doing in Mountain View is clearing the area where the pipe is so we can have greater access and continue to maintain the pipeline."

    Goldwater says moving the pipe is a better idea, "The city has begged the repeatedly to move the pipe to an area safer for all these pipes are antiquated."

    But PG&E says it hydro tested the 69 year old pipe in 2011 and it is safe. Its focus is to work with homeowners and cover the cost of changing backyards.

    Mountain View neighbors and PG&E have met but aren't reaching an agreement. The utility has sent a letter promising legal action.

    Goldwater is digging in, "They want safety as long as they pay the bare minimum."

    He's not sure how it will all play out but he has no plans to give in. It's a battle that may be coming to your neighborhood. PG&E plans to clear the right of way above most of it's gas pipelines.