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Bystanders Capture Violent Robber Who Duct-Taped Woman in NY Home

The victim was able to call for help outside her apartment window, alerting bystanders outside the building



    (Published Tuesday, July 29, 2014)

    Bystanders helped capture a violent robber after he allegedly forced a woman into her Bronx apartment, bound her hands and feet, and took off with cash and valuables, police say. 

    The victim was walking into her apartment in Bedford Park Friday evening when the suspect pushed her inside and duct-taped her hands and feet, according to police. He ransacked the place and took off with money, jewelry and a cellphone.

    "He just pushed her inside, threw her on her bed, tied her arms, her legs. Took her belongings, put a fake gun to her head, said he was going to kill her," said Katheria Gines, the building superintendent who spoke to the victim immediately after the attack. 

    As the suspect ran out of the apartment, the victim rushed to the window and called for help, police said. Bystanders outside the building were able to catch the suspect as he came out of the building and held him for police. 

    Video shows several men pinning the suspect against a car as a crowd barricaded the suspect. The apparent victim is also seen yelling for help, with her hands still taped. 

    The accused robber "tried to resist, but there's about six guys holding him down, so when the cops came, they got him right there," said Gines, who was outside the building and watched as the suspect got caught. 

    Witnesses said the suspect pleaded for them to let him go if he returned the stolen items, but the good Samaritans wouldn't budge. 

    "Everybody held him down until the cops came and took him in, and he had all her belongings in a bookbag, in his pockets," said Gines. 

    The 29-year-old suspect, identified as Bruce Lee, had an imitation pistol, police said. He's facing charges including robbery, harassment and unlawful imprisonment. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.