Clamcase Is the Slick Way to Turn Your iPad Into a MacBook Air

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    Turn your iPad into a MacBook Air with this simple clamcase.

    You can hollow out an old iBook and hack together a new Apple keyboard into a frankenstein iPad keyboard, or you can just buy a Clamcase.

    I'm not particularly fond of covering up my iPad in a case — I despise anything that bulks it up — but I got to say, the Clamcase is one of the best looking iPad keyboard cases I've seen.

    The Bluetooth keyboard is full-sized, has 14 special function keys, 360-degree rotation and is made in the U.S.A. Yep, 100 percent red, white and blue — no underage Chinese went into making these keyboard cases.

    The Clamcase keyboard costs $119 and ships next month.

    Clamcase, via Red Ferret

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