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Get Ready to Skype Video Chat Your Dog With Your iPhone 4



    Skype's iPhone app is about to get a whole hell of a lot cooler.

    The iPhone 4's front-facing camera was supposed to overhaul video chat and make it a new communication standard.

    Six months later and we haven't used it more than once. At last, Skype, the VoIP company that literally made video chat a household term will be bringing its video chatting services to the iPhone 4.

    It appears a help support document has prematurely given away Skype's CES announcement. The document lists support for iOS devices with cameras — so bet your two bucks that the fourth generation iPod Touch and future iPads (rumored to have FaceTime cameras) will be included.

    The iPhone 4 does have FaceTime, but Skype isn't tied to the Apple ecosystem. That's great, having universal access is important to active video chat usage. The main gripe about the iPhone 4's FaceTime video chat is that it only worked between two iPhone 4's and most recently with a Mac. Skype's massive user base will surely help push video chat to becoming a new communication standard.

    Via Skype

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