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Here's How Easy It'll be to Hook Up Google TV



    This box is all you need for Google TV.

    If you don't want to buy a whole new TV to enjoy Google TV, this Logitech box will let you hook up to the new Google goodness in no time.

    The Logitech Google TV Companion is pleasingly small, and connects via an HDMI port and network connection to bring you Google's upcoming enhanced interface for viewing Internet TV.

    Logitech is starting to show early versions of this companion box, which will connect to your cable box, TiVo or PVR via HDMI, add its web and Flash content, and output via HDMI. We especially like the way it'll work with our fave Logitech Harmony remotes, as well as remote interfaces on Android and iPhone, and iPad.

    And check this out: there will be an Intel Atom CE4100 processor inside, which Intel says can play two streams of 1080p video at the same time. Add that to the peripherals Logitech is planning to add to the mix, and you'll have a game-playing, movie-watching, internet-surfing, and maybe even videoconferencing, dynamo.

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