Warren Sapp's Mom Yells at Him for Being Mean; Sapp Piles on Donovan McNabb

I'm sure most NFL fans are sitting around tonight thinking to themselves, "hey, I wonder when Warren Sapp is going to say something crazy again?" What's that you say? You're not thinking that? Well, too bad, because he's struck again.

Lately, Sapp has been spouting off all sorts of nonsense, from telling Oakland offensive tackle Kwame Harris he couldn't block Sapp's daughter, to calling his former teammate, Keyshawn Johnson, a "naughty word for a female dog." And that's when he's not screaming in the general direction of Raiders owner Al Davis.

Well, apparently he crossed some sort of line when he went after Keyshawn, and Sapp's mom didn't exactly approve of her son's potty mouth. From NFL.com's Adam Schefter:

"A week ago I took a shot at an old teammate of mine and I really felt like I crossed the line," Sapp said. "My mother was watching that show and she gave me a buzz and said, 'You know what, that's wrong because you and that boy and the kids and all of your families have played together and won together and you've got to apologize.'

Yeah, Warren, play nice with your friends.

Sapp not only apologized to his buddy Keyshawn, but he also wished him good luck with his new television show where Johnson attempts to become an interior designer. The show, by the way, is what originally caused Sapp's insult.

Unfortunately, you shouldn't get used to this kinder, gentler Sapp, because it took him about 12 minutes (estimate on my part) before he started jumping on the pile that is Donovan McNabb-gate '08. Sapp said he "almost passed out" when he heard McNabb wasn't aware that an NFL game could end in a tie, and told him that his legacy will now be throwing up in the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh, and not being aware of tie games.

Sapp is wrong, of course, at least as far as I'm concerned. McNabb's legacy, to me, will always be Campbell's Chunky Soup and the most perfectly trimmed beard in the history of beards. I'd already forgotten about him throwing up in the Super Bowl, and Rush Limbaugh doesn't even exist in my world. And this tie game stuff? Yeah, it's embarrassing for this week, but in a month, or a year, or ten years from now the only people that will remember this are Eagles fans who are looking for an excuse to run him out of town. And I'm not even sure they'll remember it.


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