Treasure Island Plans to Be Next Big Thing

One man hopes San Francisco's offshore principality will be hip

Will Treasure Island be the next awesome neighborhood? City Official Michael Tymoff seems to think so.

He's the guy overseeing the proposal to get a minimum of 1,320 units in four skyscrapers, 1,740 units in 14 residential towers, 500 timeshares, hotel and wellness spa rooms, 135,000 square feet of institutional space, including a school, police and fire departments, 270,000 square feet of stores, including restaurants and entertainment venues, and 325,000 square feet of commercial space, including a ferry terminal, museum and parking on the man-made island.

Of course, "the construction timeline will be shaped by economic and real estate condition," said Tymoff. Which sort of translates to "this is not going to happen, but perhaps we will dig a few giant holes in the ground."

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