100 Weapons Stolen From SJ Gun Club

The Gun Exchange in San Jose says someone broke in and stole more than 100 weapons early Thursday morning.

The store is on Almaden Expressway and the theft was reported at 5:15 a.m.

Police say three men in ski masks pried their way through the front door which triggered an alarm.

The alarm company could hear what was happening through a hidden microphone.  They said the thieves were saying, "Hey, let's get the guns and get out of here."

Police arrived within six minutes but the guns and the men had already cleared out.

San Jose police officer Jermaine Thomas said a surveillance camera captured images of three masked males.

The owner of the club, Mike Fournier said most of the stolen weapons were semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.  He said two assault rifles were also taken and some collectible guns.

This is the third time someone has broken into this business, but the owner says in the past the thieves have been caught. He is hoping that's the case this time before the guns get onto the streets.

Anyone with information on the burglary is urged to contact the San Jose Police Department's burglary unit at 408-277-4401.

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