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BART Bans Violent, Disruptive Passengers Next Week

130 people already prohibited from riding BART.



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    This train is for well-behaved riders only.

    Get into a fight with BART staff, or use BART as a bathroom -- and lose your BART privileges.

    The transit agency is getting serious about keeping violent and disruptive passengers off of its trains, according to SFist. Anyone who uses a station or a train as a toilet, defaces agency property or harasses station agents or other passengers can be banned from the BART system for up to a year, the Web site reported.

    In other words, behave or start begging rides.

    BART's new banning policy has been on the books for a year, but the agency will take serious steps to put it into practice soon, according to reports.

    The agency can ban anyone who has been arrested for a misdemeanor or cited three times for "unruly behavior" for up to 90 days. Repeat offenders can get a year ban.

    BART-related violence appears to be on an uptick: nine station agents were assaulted during an eight-day stretch last month, SFist reported.

    About 130 people are already on BART's no-ride list.