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CA DMV Releases List of Banned License Plates

It all comes down to common sense and good taste, according to the DMV.



    Banned Vanity Plates in California

    The Filter with Fred Roggin runs down some funny vanity plates denied by California's DMV. (Published Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011)

    The DMV team in charge of approving California vanity plates has seen it all: vulgarities, prejudice, hostility, sexual innuendos and political statements.

    Any of these offenses could keep a license plate from seeing the road.

    The plate could be coded with numbers, acronyms or even be written in a foreign language. Submissions can include hearts, stars, plus symbols, hands and spaces.

    Plus, the granddaddy of all codes, a plate's message that may only be visible when seen in a rearview mirror (think: "3MTA3").

    "They'll try to spell it backwards, so the person in the mirror behind you can read it," said Barbara, a member of the DMV's Registration Special Processing Unit.

    The four-person team reviews 200-500 plates a day, including Internet submissions, she said.

    "It's really hard to say what would offend one person and not offend another person," said Barbara. "'IB6UB9,' would you like to explain that to your kid?"

    A few numbers are off limits for plates, such as 13, for its gang association. Fourteen and 88 are banned for their connection to white supremacists, said Barbara.

    The team uses search engines, Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia and Google Translation to help find dubious submissions. Between 20-40 plates a day are red-flagged for further inspection, said Barbara. That's when the plate gets sent higher up the chain for a focus group with Charlene's team.

    The DMV assembles six people with a "wide spectrum of ages and backgrounds and ethnicities," said Charlene, who also did not want her last name used. They're asked a simple question, said Charlene.

    "Would you find it offensive?"

    Depending on the group's answers, the plate is either OK'd, or a refund and denial letter are sent out.

    Drivers have an option to appeal, meaning it's sent back to another committee with between seven and 10 people on it, Charlene said.

    The DMV is open to interpretation.

    "'Ice' can be used for cocaine," said Barbara. "So if you're an ice machine repair man, you can send in pictures of your truck with the name of the company."

    About 5 percent of offenders get to keep their plates, according to the DMV.

    Barbara admits, "we're not perfect," and some questionable plates make it on the road.

    The DMV gets about 40 complaints per year.

    After three complaints, a plate is pulled without an appeal and a driver must take the DMV to court to keep the license plate.

    The California DMV sent us the following list of 100 banned license plates. The list was accumulated over a few years and has some obvious offenders. Others are a little trickier to decode.

    Warning: The following list contains offensive material.

    How to Decode the List:

    • Asterisks (*) denote spaces
    • Slashes (/) denote a half-space
    • "Kids" plates have special characters:
      • # = "Hand" symbol
      • $ = "Heart" symbol
      • & = "Star" symbol
      • + = + ("Plus")

    100 Banned California License Plates

    1. $CASM88
    2. **BOTO//
    3. *RR88+//
    4. / CJR/88*
    5. /$MY/FB*
    6. /HELBOY/
    7. 14 VNSSA
    8. 1IN/STNK
    9. 2IN/PINK
    10. 42ONERY/
    11. 4Q2 AHSO
    12. 502MGNM
    13. 66JB69*/
    14. 6GUNZ
    15. AGT/ORNJ
    16. ALHAKAM/
    17. ASASIN
    18. ASSI/H*/
    19. B OXOF&S
    20. BAG HAG
    21. BBH/HSLR
    22. BHANGUZ
    23. BLD/MFIA
    24. BLT 1 4
    25. BLWN69Z
    26. BOT$POT
    27. CALI4KR/
    28. CIYC/O13
    29. COP CHSR
    30. CRKR/CRM
    31. CUNHE11/
    32. DAWEENA
    33. DOYRGRL
    34. ETAMPON/
    35. FDABLTS
    36. FKBTCHS/
    37. FOCKERR/
    38. FRNCS/69
    39. FSTMFKR/
    40. FTWOSID
    41. FUQSNAG/
    42. FUUGIIT
    43. G*8*YOU/
    44. GENE14T
    45. GLF*SKS/
    46. HOT14K2/
    47. INFTI14
    48. INFTI3
    49. INFTI4
    50. JIMY THG
    51. JULZMOB/
    52. K13OOS//
    53. KILLXXX
    54. KRZY*OG/
    55. L$VED88/
    56. LADOYER/
    57. LMTFA
    58. LOV SUX
    59. LV*HMRZ/
    60. MDC$PP
    61. MERKTR
    62. MGABDAS
    63. MOBOTAM
    64. MRDR RYD
    65. MS$SXY9
    66. MUF D1VN
    67. NOASSND
    68. NRA*PMS/
    69. NUR KULO
    70. OG HUERA
    71. OG TYLER
    72. OQOOQOO
    73. ORGASEM
    74. PRP/HEYZ
    75. PSP 88
    76. RAZAS SS
    77. RBIGBLK
    78. RHOSIDE
    79. ROLN 666
    80. SFFD 13
    81. SIK BOX
    82. SKAS RYD
    83. SMKN YU
    84. SPDLAB1/
    85. SPTN 14
    86. SSHIKSA/
    87. STAYNHY
    88. STUBALL
    89. SUR SOL
    90. SXSXSX*/
    91. SXXXY3
    92. SYT6688
    93. T& PYE
    94. TBLAZEN
    95. TOM**14/
    96. TOWD 69
    97. TT ANUMM
    98. WTF HAXX
    99. XXXCLBR
    100. YNKSUK*/