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Collared Birds To Get High Tech Help



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    For some reason all of the beers have been Buds.

    Animal lovers ponied up several thousand dollars to help a group of birds who have been collared in Bud cans.

    The birds have been spotted since August from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay with cut beers cans around their necks. The ones caught on camera have been collared in Budweiser.

    Rebecca Dmytryk, director of WildRescue, said her group caught up with one bird this weekend, but couldn't capture it because she was lacking the right high tech equipment.

    She put out call for donations so that she could buy what she needed on Sunday.  By Tuesday morning, they announced the Coda Netlauncher was on order with a Nov. 16 delivery.

    In the meantime, WildRescue says it will drive up to San Fransisco again later this week to try capturing the birds the old fashioned way. Their office is in Moss Landing so the effort includes a four hour road trip.

    The birds are not in immediate danger. They seem to be able to fly and eat. But, Dmytryk says the beer can chokers make their existence miserable because it allows cold water and air to reach the birds’ skin, which could eventually prove fatal.

    The rescuers want to hear from people who spot the birds, but they don't want people to try to catch them on their own. Sightings should be reported to or by calling: 831-429-2323.  They would love to hear from people who want to donate money for the cause as well.

    Whoever hurt the birds could face federal charges.