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Santa Rosa Police Release Supervisor Carrillo 911 Peeking Call Tapes



    Santa Rosa Police Release Supervisor Carrillo 911 Peeking Call Tapes

    Santa Rosa police on Tuesday released the recordings of two 911 calls that "Jane Doe" made to police when Supervisor Efren Carrillo knocked on her door and bedroom window dressed in his socks and underwear on July 13.

    Carrillo, 33, was arrested for prowling and burglary, charged with misdemeanor peeking and was acquitted of attempted peeking Monday after a five-day trial.

    The 10 women and two men on the jury could not reach a verdict on the more serious charge of peeking into a door or window of an inhabited dwelling. They were deadlocked 11-1 in favor of acquittal.

    Carrillo testified he went to his female neighbor's Brockhurst Drive apartment in west Santa Rosa hoping they would drink the two beers he brought and possibly have sex.

    The woman, identified as Jane Doe, testified she woke up when she heard a scratching and scrapping sound at her bedroom window around 3:30 a.m.

    She testified she woke up two female friends who were staying at her apartment that weekend, and they armed themselves with kitchen butcher knives when the intruder knocked on her front door.

    Carrillo testified he identified himself as 'Efren, your
    neighbor', but Jane Doe testified the intruder identified himself only as her "neighbor."

    Jane Doe called the Santa Rosa Police Dispatch Center twice, at 3:40 a.m. and again 10 minutes later.

    During the one minute and 43 second tape of the call made at 3:40 a.m., she tells the dispatcher, "There was a man that tried to get in my window." She tells the dispatcher she does not know the man, whom she described as white, shirtless and huge, "a big guy."

    Doe also tells the dispatcher the man ran in an unknown direction after he tried to get in her bedroom window. She assures the dispatcher all her doors are locked, that her bedroom window is open but the blinds are closed.

    Defense attorney Chris Andrian told the jury Carrillo was not guilty of peeking into any windows at Doe's home because they had blinds that Doe admitted she kept closed. "The house was un-peekable," Andrian said.

    Doe also tells the dispatcher the intruder did not say anything.

    "I'm with my friends, and... and... and I'm shaking," she says.

    The dispatcher tells Doe to keep everyone inside and police are on the way.

    Doe calls back at 3:50 a.m. and tells the dispatcher the intruder has returned to her door and is "f---ing knocking on it." She says the intruder again ran away to the left and that she is by herself.

    Carrillo testified he left the front of Doe's apartment when he heard a male voice inside say, 'What the hell?'

    The dispatcher reminds Doe that she said earlier she had friends there, and Doe said they were there, but she lives alone.

    The dispatcher tells Doe to stay on the phone and keep the house locked. Doe is hesitant when the dispatcher tells her a police officer has arrived and wants her to step outside her front door because officers have the intruder.

    Doe can be heard softly crying, and she tells the dispatcher there is a police officer by her garage but not at her door. She then sees the officer at the front door and the call ends.

    Portions of the tapes are intentionally blank because police
    redacted all references to Doe's name and address, Lt. Paul Henry said.

    Henry also said police reports will not be released under
    provisions of the California Government Code Section 6254(f).

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