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Town of Belvedere in State of Emergency as Seawall Becomes Unstable

The town of Belvedere in Marin County declared a state of emergency Monday after a seawall that has been keeping water out for more than 100 years began moving.

"Right now there’s nothing shoring it up," said city manager Craig Middleton.

The seawall along Beach Road protects the community of about 2,100 people and city leaders hope it’s stabilized soon.

"The top of the wall has moved out that means the bottom is moving in and if it goes too far it’ll just topple over," said Middleton.

Losing the wall would let Bay water flow into the town, potentially flooding homes and key access roads.

The city declared a state of emergency hoping to fast track a $500,000 repair job. The plan is the shore up 120 feet of wall with steel plates driven 35 feet into the Bay mud.

"Then you attach the wall and keep it from shaking if there is an earthquake, big wave action whatever there is," said Middleton.

People who live in Belvedere are relieved city leaders are taking action.

"We want to make sure it’s well maintained and safe because having it the other way around would be tragic especially if earthquake or anything else happens at any moment," said Belvedere resident Catherine.

The city manager said it’s a three-week job to shore up the wall, a job he hopes to have complete before winter storms hit.

"I think they’re taking right action, they have engineers looking out for public safety," said resident Jen Northrop.

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