Testimony Describes Meth-Fueled Drug Binge Before Killings of Canadian Tourist, Fairfax Therapist

Confessed killer Sean Angold broke down on the witness stand Tuesday as he described the murders of a 23-year-old Canadian tourist and a 67-year-old therapist from Marin County.

Angold recently pleaded guilty in shooting deaths of Audrey Carrey of Quebec and Steven Carter of Fairfax and agreed to testify against his former companions, 19-year-old Lila Alligood and 24-year-old Morrison Lampley.

Alligood and Lampley are both charged in the 2015 slayings.

In his testimony on Tuesday, Angold also described a meth-fueled drug binge that ended with the killing of Carrey and Carter. He admitted he was there when Carrey was shot to death near the windmills in Golden Gate Park and when Carter was shot dead on a hiking trail near Fairfax.

In both killings Lampley pulled the trigger, Angold said.

Angold said he met Carrey as he and defendants Alligood and Lapley were smoking meth near Golden Gate Park. The Canadian tourist offered to share some beer and marijuana, according to Angold.

The trio then decided they would rob Carrey because "she was foreign and possibly could have money," Angold said.

Angold cried as he told how they jumped Carrey, tried to tie her up and then Lampley shot her in the head with a .40-calibur pistol Angold had stolen from a pickup on Russian Hill.

Angold said he, Alligood and Lampley then decided to leave for Oregon to grow marijuana. But two days later they were no further than a trail head in Fairfax, and that is when the three decided they needed to shoot someone to steal a car.

Angold said Carter pulled into the trail head parking area to take his dog for a walk when he saw the trio sitting nearby. Angold said Carter looked at them "kind of crazy, put his car in reverse and drove to anther nearby parking area."

It was that small act that put it into their heads to hunt Carter down and shoot him to get his car, Angold said.

Angold on the witness stand admitted the robberies and killings were decided in a nonchalant, casual manner. Angold said they drove Carter's car to Portland, but were there only a few hours before being arrested in the stolen car carrying the belongings of their victims.

"He's lying to save his skin," said Amy Morton, an attorney representing Alligood.

Angold has plead guilty to second-degree  murder in the Carter's death. He is not charged in Carrey's murder.

The deal Angold agreed to is 15 years to life. His former companions, Alligood and Lampley, face life in prison without parole if convicted at trial.

The preliminary hearing is expected ton continue Wednesday as the defense attorneys question Angold about lying to investigators when the trio was first arrested.

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