Heat Wave

East Bay Residents Try to Stay Cool as Dangerous Heat Hits the Bay Area

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A heat advisory was in effect for parts of the Bay Area Tuesday as temperatures soared over the triple-digit mark and Contra Costa County residents tried their best to stay cool.

Todos Santos Park in Concord is usually very busy but there was hardly anybody there because of the 105 degree weather.

“It’s very difficult if you’re a senior and exposed, it makes you feel like you’re being cooked alive cooked alive, you know?" said 70-year-old Kathy Dilao.

With a heat advisory in effect, Dilao who has a number of health issues, headed to the Pittsburg senior center -- her city’s designated emergency cooling center

“I'm grateful for this and a lot of levels,” said DIlao.

In nearby Brentwood, families also took steps to stay cool.

“Lila has been playing in the water. She loves the water, she’s been playing in it,” mother Jessica Norris.

Health officials are urging folks to take the heat advisory seriously. Emergency doctors at John Muir Medical Center are bracing for patients with heat-related illnesses in the next few days.

“Dehydration can manifest in many different ways. Can make you nauseous, vomit, you can get headaches, you can get dizzy and fall,” said Dr. Chi Perloth.

Doctors say the elderly and babies are most at risk. Drinking plenty of liquids and staying out of the sun are key.

“Stay cool,” said Perloth. “When you can stay in an air-conditioned environment and stay hydrated. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate."

It’s advice many are taking on this first day of summer. Cooling centers will be open in Contra Costa County until 7 p.m.

“One hundred plus is definitely going to affect me for sure,” said senior Linda Carranza. “I have to stay hydrated and air conditioning is a beautiful thing. Cooling centers like this are wonderful to have.”

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