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Trump Supporters Gather in Danville, Continue Fighting Election Results

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Election night was more than a week ago - but the results are still coming in. 

President Elect Joe Biden is moving forward, naming one of the first key members of his administration, as President Donald Trump and many of his supporters are digging in their heels - continuing to fight the results.

A raucous crowd in Danville waved their Trump flags and banners, insisting, the election results are not final.

“There was a ton of mail in fraudulent ballots, and whether it's 3 million, 4 million, 5million, I don't know what the number is. It's a huge number. We're not talking thousands, we're talking millions,” said rally organizer Gaskell. “There's a lot of fraudulent votes out there."   

A group that has been gathering at the street corner since September. Some neighbors figured they'd let up after election night.     

“It's a free country, it's wonderful, and when they were doing it before the election it was fine, but it's over. It's over,” said Danville resident Sami Katrib.

Trump made his first appearance in nearly a week at Arlington National Cemetery to mark Veterans Day but he didn't say a word.

His legal team is pressing ahead with multiple lawsuits. And in Georgia, the secretary of state ordered a manual recount because there's less than a half percentage point difference in votes.

As Trump and his supporters continue to question the validity of the election. Biden's share of the popular vote, continues to grow and the president elect, continues to move forward.

States are still counting all the ballots and on Wednesday, Biden's tally grew to more than 77.1 million votes, leading the president in the popular vote by more than 5 million. 

The president elect also marked Veterans Day by visiting a memorial in Philadelphia. He's continuing to assemble his White House team - tapping long time aid Ron Klain as chief of staff.

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