The IPad Goes Industrial

The iPad is being seen more in industrial settings, with manufacturing, shipping and other departments relying on the portability of Apple's tablet computer.

One of the biggest problems Apple has had in a factory setting was the delicacy of the iPad. Warehouses are used to expensive, but clunky, "ruggedized" devices, according to ComputerWorld. But with an industrialized casing by OtterBox and raised on a cart mount, the iPad is working out for at least some companies.

A few companies reported efficiency rising 30 percent and less frequent errors, mainly because of the portability factor. The iPad is seen as a better alternative than PCs, which don't allow movement and can't be taken along with employees.

While the article settled on iPads, at least one of the company executives interviewed said if he were to do it all again, he would probably have chosen Android tablets because of its easier Bluetooth integration. This makes us believe that this is less a story about the iPad and more a story about tablet computers being a welcome sight on industrial floors. Being able to track inventory and orders with a mobile device is an enormous boon to workers, but it doesn't mean it has to be iPad.

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