Jon Miller, Dave Flemming Best Radio Broadcasters: FanGraphs

Getty Images recently began releasing radio broadcaster rankings for each MLB team and on Thursday announced that the Giants pair of Jon Miller and Dave Flemming were the top-ranked broadcast duo.

Miller and Flemming, in fact, blew away the competition, pulling in 300 votes more than the next-closest team.

"The Giants radio broadcast received 678 valid ballots, which (a) is over 300 more than the next most voted-on team (St. Louis at 355) and (b) means there are more comments than the present author is capable of reading without taking a long — and perhaps permanent — nap," Carson Cistuilli wrote at FanGraphs. "In summary: Flemming is sharp and listening to Jon Miller is like pouring lotion all into your ears. Also, Giants fans are peculiarly enthusiastic and loyal."

I'm not sure which description is more awesome: Miller as "pouring lotion all into your ears" or Giants fans as "peculiarly enthusiastic." But both are absolutely accurate.

Miller and Flemming received a 4.8 rating for Charisma, a 4.7 rating for Analysis and a 4.8 rating overall.

Bob Uecker and Cory Provus, who do play-by-play for the Brewers, received a 4.8 overall as well, but only a 3.9 on Analysis (4.9 on Charisma, thanks Ueck).

Though Miller and Flemming probably won't get any official hardware to put on their shelves, it's a testament to the great work they do that fans came out in droves to vote for them.

And it's nice to know that Giants fans are lucky enough to enjoy a broadcast even without a television around.

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