Owner Knew of ‘Hazardous Conditions’ Around Warehouse for Years, City Records Show

The City of Oakland placed multiple liens on the property next to the warehouse after the owner failed to fix code violations.

The City of Oakland filed multiple liens against the owner of the warehouse after failing to repay the city for abating code violations, city records show.

The property in question is located next to the warehouse, which had been the subject of complaints about trash and debris last month. Chor Ng is listed as the owner of both properties.

In February 2007, the city filed a prospective lien against Ng for failing to respond to a notice of violation involving substandard, hazardous or injurious conditions on the property.

The city initiated abatement action when the conditions on the property were not corrected expeditiously by Ng, according to the document.

The city filed three liens in March, April and July 2007 when Ng failed to reimburse the city for the cost of fixing the violations. One lien was released in 2009. The city released the other two in 2014.

Records show the city filed a separate lien involving the same property in April 2005, when the owner failed to respond to code violations. The owner at that time was listed as Hoi Ng, who is linked to Chor Ng on multiple property records.

A review of city documents reveals the city filed 15 additional liens against Ng since 1985. At least three have to do with code violations involving substandard, hazardous or injurious conditions that the city abated. Records show the city released the liens when Ng paid up.

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