Pelosi Criticizes Melania Trump's Speech, Celebrates Immigration

While celebrating Latino culture and art during a San Francisco museum dedication Tuesday, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi chimed in to disapprove of Melania Thump's speech at the Republican National Convention and simultaneously praise the value of immigration in the United States.

Although Pelosi did not watch Melania Trump's allegedly plagiarized speech Monday night, the Congresswoman later learned about the controversy and was taken aback.

"To then say well I don't believe in what (Democrats) believe in but I'm going to use their words in my speech, there's something wrong with that," Pelosi said.

California's 12th District representative also made it a point to celebrate the sophistication and values of Mexican and Latino culture while she spoke immediately following a relocation dedication for the Mexican Museum in San Francisco.

"The beauty is in the mix," she said. "Our diversity is our strength."

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