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PG&E Races to Restore Power as Customer Patience Wears Thin

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Thousands of people across the Bay Area on Thursday were set to face their third straight night without electricity or heat as PG&E continues to recover from Tuesday's storm.

Crews have been brought in from around the state and even from other utilities to help PG&E recover from what it's calling the worst storm in years.

"This is one of the most severe storms that we’ve experienced in our service area, especially in Santa Clara County," PG&E spokesperson Mayra Tostado said.

PG&E said part of the problem is sheer volume. The utility is dealing with 400 separate incidents in the South Bay alone.

"Wind gusts exceeded 90 miles per hour," Tostado said. "You have to remember this is the 13th major storm that we’ve had this year. The soil is extremely saturated, so when you get winds that are that strong, even healthy trees, huge pines, came down."

PG&E said by late Thursday night, 90% of the people in Santa Clara County without power will have it restored.

Angie, 91, hasn't had power or heat in two days, and her fridge has been leaking. She has her supplies handy and a caregiver with her, but she's frustrated and bored.

"I can’t really read, I can’t watch television, I can’t do anything," she said. "I don’t like it. I need the television to know what’s going on."

PG&E estimates her power will be restored Saturday night.

Elsewhere, Pasha Golshan would normally be in class at Westmont High School in Campbell, but the classrooms haven't had power for two days.

"I’m hoping to get back to school sooner than later because they’re just going to cram down all the tests pretty soon," Golshan said. "But other than that, yeah, I guess this is kind of a nice break."

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