Possibly Stolen Car Plows into San Francisco Apartment Building

A tow truck tugged a possibly stolen car Wednesday morning out from the corner of a San Francisco apartment building it struck Tuesday night.

San Francisco police are still looking for the driver and his two passengers who rammed the black Toyota Avalon into the building on Bay Street in the Marina district about 9:40 p.m.

When police saw the three "boost" the car, according to a police blotter, they followed the Toyota, when, at some point, the driver hit the gas, and sped through the streets.

Police said the driver hit two people and then another vehicle at Chestnut and Franklin streets, before slamming into a garage door.

Police said the driver and passengers bailed out and ran about three blocks toward Aquatic Park. 

On Wednesday, the frame of the garage door was still pushed back two feet, stucco had fallen off, and huge cracks wound up the side of the apartment building. 

No one was arrested. Police said the two people who were hurt had suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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