SF Maintains Lowest COVID-19 Death Rate Among Largest US Cities: Report

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As the fight against COVID 19 continues, new data shows San Francisco has maintained one of the lowest death rates of any major U.S. city throughout the pandemic.

The numbers were crunched by a physician at San Francisco General Hospital, and they show that compared to cities like Los Angeles, New York and Boston, San Francisco not only has a low case rate but had the lowest rate of death per case of any major city in the country, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

According to the newspaper, there were some key factors that played into the outcome.

One major factor: how COVID patients were cared for. The Chronicle cited a graph that shows in San Francisco, patients were often treated with focused individual care, with one nurse caring for one patient, versus what played out in New York City, with one nurse caring for as many as six or seven COVID-19 patients.

Another factor was the overall health of the community. Doctors cited in the Chronicle explained that San Francisco has a lower number of people with health issues such as obesity and smoking, which can ultimately play into complications with the virus.

Yet another advantage health care teams in San Francisco had was the spike in coronavirus cases came later than other cities such as New York, giving the San Francisco health officials time to learn and plan based on what another city was doing.

The U.S. over the weekend surpassed a grim milestone of 200,000 COVIF-19-related deaths.

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