Smoke-Filled Plane Delays SFO Non-Stop

A non-stop flight from New York to San Francisco is a marathon no matter how you slice it.  Between the head winds and the three hour time change, getting from there to here is a haul.

Airlines schedule it for about seven hours.  Add another nine to that and you can begin to understand what a group of 171 people on a Delta flight are feeling this morning.

You can sprinkle in some frightening moments to that hommangous delay after smoke filled the cabin mid-flight.  Passengers say it may have come from the plane's video machines.  They say the flight attendants appeared disturbed after the smoke appeared.  They say they noticed the plane started to descend immediately with the landing in Missouri soon after.
Officials say that smoke forced the Boeing 757 plane to make an emergency landing in St. Louis

The passengers and crew had to be bused into the terminal and wait for a second plane to be swapped in so they could finish their trip to San Francisco.

The plane finally landed around 4:30 a.m.  Bleary eyed passengers seemed to be over being scared and just wanted to get home as they exited the airport.

Delta says they checked the original aircraft out and found no real damage.

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