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Sonoma Raceway Opens 50-Acre Campground to Evacuees Fleeing From Deadly Wildfires

The Sonoma Raceway on Wednesday opened its 50-acre campground to people fleeing from an assortment of wildfires on a ruinous march across a broad swath of wine country.

Officials posted a picture of a hazy sky, writing, "Smokey but safe here @racesonoma. We have opened up our 50 Acres campground for evacuees."

The raceway, which has enough space to accommodate up to 2,000 campers during  major event, is offering its largest campground to evacuees in RVs, starting Wednesday afternoon. It sits across the raceway on Highway 121 and has so far not been affected by the devastating blazes raging across Napa and Sonoma counties.  People can enter at Gate 6, according to the Sonoma Raceway website.

The raceway has partnered with United Site Services to offer campers water and sewage service, the website said.

Wednesday's move earned Sonoma Raceway goodwill on social media.

"Support our Raceway, always giving back to the community. Kudos!" Instagram user @corkymr101 wrote. 

Echoing the sentiment, @mccarthysan wrote, "You guys are the best."

For more information on site, people can visit the main office or front gate at 29355 Arnold Drive. Others can call 800-870-7223 or email

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