San Jose Water to Implement Restrictions for Customers Amid Dry Spell

For San Jose Water customers, restrictions begin July 9

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In an effort to conserve water, San Jose Water will be implementing restrictions for customers beginning in a week and a half.

This as the Bay Area suffers through an extending dry spell. 

At Dan Soszynski's home in Willow Glen, the yard is noticeably different from many of his neighborhood.

“We dryscaped our front lawn several years ago, when the drought started, and the rebates were given by the water district,” said Soszynski.

He said his water bill was cut in half when they dryscaped. So, it's almost as if that drought never ended for them.

His household is very well prepared to get through the coming restrictions from San Jose Water.

A few blocks away, Kerri Mesa was wrapping up her hose after some yard care.

“We've been here before. We'll do it again,” she said. “We're on board, we don't have a big choice.”

San Jose Water will be asking customers to only water yards at night or mornings before 10 a.m. and only two days a week for no more than 15 minutes each day.

Residents are also being asked to use professional car washes - instead of their yard - because the car washes use recycled water.

This is all an effort to cut consumption by 15% a requirement imposed on them by the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

A meager rainy season has put the whole region in a tough spot. And the loss of an important South Bay reservoir is making the situation even worse.

“So, one of the reasons we're not in great shape is because of Anderson Reservoir, which is valley water's largest reservoir,” said Lian Walborsky, San Jose Water spokesperson.

The Anderson Reservoir will be offline for a decade as part of a massive project to increase capacity, Seismically Retrofit, and improve it's spillway to help prevent flooding downstream.

For San Jose Water customers, restrictions begin July 9.

It is an inconvenience, but customers understand it's needed to get through what's already turning out to be a hot summer.

“Recognizing that this isn't just about us. We do the bucket in the shower to save water, do the two days a week watering,” said San Jose resident Kerri Mesa. “Biggest fear is not just the water but the fires.”

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