The New Yorker Embraces Silicon Valley

Welcome to the digital age New Yorker.

The sophisticated magazine of record is finally lowering its brow just enough, to let the Apple iPhone and its endless array of mind numbing apps to permeate its thick pages.

Family Guy's Brian meets The New Yorker's James Bottomtooth

On the cover of the magazine's May 25 issue, longtime cartoonist Jorge Colombo drew the cover using an iPhone app called "Brushes, "while standing for an hour outside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square."

“I got a phone in the beginning of February, and I immediately got the program so I could entertain myself,” Colombo told the magazine.

Columbo first published his drawings in magazine, which is famous for its fancy comics that don't often make people laugh, in 1994.

The cartoonist said he prefers the iPhone approach to cartooning because it"allows him to draw without being noticed; most pedestrians assume he’s checking his e-mail."

Maybe "Family Guy" will have to find someone other than James Bottomtooth to depict the magazine. Thanks to Valleywag for the tip.

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