SF Department of Public Works Seeks Public Suggestions for Where to Test Urine-Repelling Paint

San Francisco's Department of Public Works is turning to the public for suggestions on where to test a new paint that repels urine to discourage peeing on the sidewalk.

The paint, which is called Ultra-Ever Dry, is currently available for commercial use only, and is expensive.

Julia Staron, a resident of Hamburg, Germany who organized an effort to paint walls in her city's nightclub district, told Reuters it cost them over $500 to paint a 65-square foot area, but that it has curbed people's enthusiasm to pee on the walls there.

Mohammed Nuru of San Francisco's Department of Public Works said he read about the paint online.

"We will have a sign that says 'Do not urinate here if you fail to comply with the sign, and you happen to use that wall as a urinal it will bounce back on your pants and wet your pants,'" Nuru said. "Hopefully that will send a message."

Nuru said the problem is not just tied to one group or area -- problem spots include North Beach and United Nations Plaza.

Aman Jabbi, who started a Tumblr page on dirty city streets, said he has doubts about the plan.

"It may not solve the problem because people would move to the next block where the paint isn't there," Jabbi said.

Nuru wants to solicit ideas from the public on where they should try the plan out.

"If a suggestion sounds reasonable, we'll try it," Nuru said.

Suggestions may be emailed to dpw@sfdpw.org.

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