VTA Yard Shooting

Family Remembers VTA Yard Shooting Victim Michael Rudometkin

Michael Rudometkin's cousin called the recent tragedy “a horrible situation.”

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For the families, a big part of the grieving process is remembering what made the people they loved so special.

Jason Pro, cousin of victim Michael Rudometkin is grieving this tragic loss that’s hard to comprehend.

Pro recalls Rudometkin as being a kind friendly person, who got along with everyone and was quick to strike up a conversation to get to know people and make them feel welcome.

Pro called the recent tragedy “a horrible situation.” Pro added that he’s been on a roller coaster of emotions and keeps coming back to the question, “why?”

He added that Rudometkin welcomed people with open arms and called him a “real, rare one.” that enjoyed motorcycles and was amazing at car repairs.

According to a statement online on behalf of his parents, Rudometkin was very passionate about his work at the VTA. They added that he was a wonderful caring son, brother, husband, and friend to many.

Rudometkin attended Cupertino schools and was a youth minister and pastoral councilmember. Family was important to him.

On a GoFundMe page set up for the family, there is a statement on behalf of his wife Gloria that read in part: “Mike and I had 19 amazing years together. Full of adventures. It was not supposed to end this way. I will forever miss Michael with my entire being and grieve this tragedy with our families, friends and community."

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Pro shared his memories with Rudometkin.

“A lot of people looked up to Mike,” he said. “He just always loved good times. With Mike, if you were having a hard time, you could call Mike and he would make his way down from wherever, if he was at in Cupertino, Santa Cruz, anytime you needed Mike, he would give you the shirt off his back.”

The family’s online post added Rudometkin enjoyed spending time with his wife, their dogs and working on home projects.

Rudometkin was also a Bay Area sports fan as the San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks and the Golden State Warriors were his favorite teams.

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