Cindy McCain Blasts Gwyneth Paltrow for Comparing Online Abuse to War, Calls Actress “a Joke”

It's not clear at what point hating on Gwyneth Paltrow became a social sporting event, but needless to say, the Goop goddess knows what it feels like to have people attacking her on the Internet.

Speaking at a Code Conference earlier this week, the actress and lifestyle guru tried to make a comparison between the affects of being bullied online and fighting in a war, saying, "It's almost like how, in war, you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing, and then something is defined out of it. "

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Many, including Cindy McCain, were outraged by the Oscar winner's likening of the the two topics.

Senator John McCain's wife took to Twitter to express her frustrations online, tweeting, "Gweneth (sic) Paltrow is a joke. Her life is like taking bullets for a soldier. What a joke! My 2 sons serving in the military should talk to her."

"Perhaps Gweneth Paltrow should go out on patrol with some soldiers," she added, "Kind of like a Red Carpet in her mind I guess!"

Paltrow, who has yet to publicly respond to McCain's criticisms, could have been invoking hyperbole to illustrate the impact (from personal experience) on an indvidual of the vitriolic comments used to attack them online.

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Speaking at the tech conference earlier this week, the mother of two revealed she finally realizes most of the hate directed at her "has nothing to do with me."

"I see myself as a chalkboard or a whiteboard or a screen, and someone is just putting up their own projection on it," she said. "You're talking about a blind stranger having feelings about you. It can only be projection."

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