California Seeks Obama Meeting Four Years Too Late

There's better-late-than-never, and then there's this story from The Hill: leading California Congressional Democrats want a meeting with President Obama to talk about the state's housing crisis.

The fact that there hasn't been such a meeting -- and that one is being sought in 2012, four years after the emergence of the crisis -- speaks volumes about the president and California's Congressional representation.

There is much to discuss here. Housing and related industries have accounted for much of the job loss in the state. Housing continues to be a big drag on the economy, and California's housing woes are far greater than those in the nation as a hole.

In fact, California's troubled housing market is considered a national problem by many.

California's Congressional leaders tell the Hill they have lots of ideas (including a moratorium on interest payments for underwater homeowners in bankruptcy) to discuss.

They've discussed them with Obama administration officials, but they've had a hard time getting answers -- yea or nay -- on the ideas.

That's outrageous.

President Obama seems to respond to the state primarily when he's making fundraising trips here. California's Congressional representatives -- all of them -- need to be cooperating and meeting routinely to take on problems like this.

Why are only Democrats seeking this meeting with the president?

The housing crisis has hit especially hard in inland California districts represented by Republicans.

It's not too late to tackle this issue. But it's getting awfully late.

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