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FBI Was Investigating Harvey Milk at Time of Murder

Corruption investigations included Milk, George Moscone and Dan White



    FBI Was Investigating Harvey Milk at Time of Murder
    Former San Francisco Supervisor Dan White may have telegraphed his murderous intentions toward Harvey Milk, according to a witness statement in recently revealed FBI files.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking into alleged political corruption by former San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, according to a report from Raw Story and documents revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request by activist Michael Petrelis.

    Former Supervisor Dan White was also being investigated, as was former Mayor George Moscone. White murdered both Milk and Moscone in cold blood at San Francisco City Hall in 1978.

    None of the investigations were related to the murders. Milk and Moscone were alleged to have defrauded a community development fund, Moscone was alleged to have taken a $10,000 kickback from a McDonald's franchise, and White was accused of helping arrange a deal for someone to set up shop at Pier 39 where White owned a restaurant.

    Interestingly, the files also indicate an account by a witness that White had said he would "get rid of three bastards" eight months before the murders.

    The FBI determined that the unnamed witness would not be good for a court case.

    However, White reportedly confessed to SFPD homicide inspector Frank Falzon that he had also wanted to kill then-Assemblyman Willie Brown and Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver.

    After the murders, the FBI dropped its corruption investigations.

    Jackson West figures this is as good a gift as any from the FBI for Harvey Milk Day.