Oakland Reflects on Biden-Harris Win, Local Ties

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People in Oakland reflected on the projected win of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Saturday celebrating in the streets and on Sunday talking about their connections and what it means.

It was a day they won’t forget at the family-owned Buttercup Diner in Oakland. On March 3, Super Tuesday, then-presidential hopeful Joe Biden came by.

“It was amazing,” said one person who was there. “He tried to connect to every single person, asking personal questions and just making a little extra effort.”

That was before pandemic restrictions and there were plenty of people inside.

Michael Houston didn’t know about Biden’s connection to the diner, but he’s a supporter and explained what he would like to see.

“He thanked African Americans, Black people, for our unwavering support,” Houston said. “Even though the ’93 crime bill, and all that kind of stuff he apologized for. But he specifically thanked us. I want to see plans, policies and actions for our community.”

On Sunday, congresswoman Barbara Lee weighed in on Vice President-elect Harris, who she calls a close friend. She said she’s excited for the country and believes Harris is ready.

“VP-elect Harris will be able to make and help explain why we need to move forward on structural and systemic change if we’re going to have a country that’s based on racial justice and equity,” said Lee.

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