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Former 49ers Kicker Has Super Bowl Rings Stolen

Mike Cofer has two Super Bowl rings swiped from Nevada home.



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    A ring like one of the two stolen from Mike Cofer, a former kicker for the 49ers.

    Thieves made off with two Super Bowl rings from the home of a former 49ers kicker, according to reports.

    Mike Cofer, who won Super Bowls with the 49ers in 1989 and 1990, was away from home watching his son play high school baseball when thieves visited his four-bedroom home in southern Nevada near Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

    Cofer, who coaches high school football at Coronado High School, returned from watching his son pitch for the same school to find his front door broken down, the newspaper reported.

    Thieves also snagged a coin collection and an Xbox video game system and some games, the newspaper reported.

    Lisa Cofer, Cofer's ex-wife, contacted newspapers to spread the world in case the championship rings end up in a pawn shop or the Internet, according to reports.

    Cofer was recently photographed by a local paper wearing his rings, and it appears they were targeted by the burglars.

    “There was a diamond ring sitting next to the Super Bowl rings and they didn’t take it,” Lisa Cofer told reporters. “They knew exactly what they wanted.”