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Splash Hit? Steph Curry, YouTube Personality Rudy Mancuso Star in Wacky Brita Ad That Might Get Stuck in Your Head

"How's Brita gunna drop the hottest track of 2018 five days in," someone retorted on Twitter

"Last name Curry, first name Steph."

You know Stephen Curry as the two-time NBA MVP and superstar point guard for the Golden State Warriors. You might now also think of him as the guy in the quirky Brita commercial with an almost unforgettable beat.

The advertisement, which features popular YouTube personality Rudy Mancuso and Brita endorser Curry, is designed to highlight the Brita Stream, which filters water immediately as the user pours, but it does much more in way that might leave you thinking, "What did I just watch?"

The story starts with Mancuso. It's Jan. 1 and he's set his four New Year's Resolutions: "ditch bottled water, eat healthy, work out and be a better boyfriend."

Come Day 2, his couch is littered with plastic bottles and he's chowing down on a slice of pizza for breakfast. He peers over to a poster of Curry on the wall and quips, "Don't look at me, Stephen Curry. C'mon, what, you've never had pizza for breakfast?"

Out of nowhere, Curry appears in person.

"No, not really," the basketball star says, before promising to help the 25-year-old with his goals.

As the catchy — or annoying, depending on how you see it — tune breaks out, the duo clear out Mancuso's fridge of water bottles.

"First things first, these water bottles gotta go," Curry tells Mancuso. "I said why, and he said, 'Don't you love the ocean, bro?'"

On que, Curry whips out a Brita Stream and uses it to topple a host of water bottles standing on a counter.

"Fills quickly, he said, and pours immediately," the rap continues, acting as a plug for Brita's product.

The two go on to clean up Mancuso's eating habits, workout routine and relationship, with subtle hints at the Brita Stream interspersed, of course.

Public reaction to the commercial has been, you could say, comical.

"How's Brita gunna drop the hottest track of 2018 five days in," someone retorted on Twitter.

"I can't get this out of my head," someone else tweeted.

"Just threw out my Brita," another person quipped.

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