Steph Curry Details the One Mandatory Scene If Movie Made About His Life

Steph Curry has won three NBA championships and and has two regular season MVPs to his name. He's on top of the basketball world right now.

But back in 2011 or 2012, if you would have predicted all of this would happen, people would have called you crazy.

Don't forget that in April 2012, Curry underwent surgery on his right ankle. And as ESPN's Pablo Torre wrote in February 2016:

Steph Curry didn't know if he'd wake up owning a dead man's tendons ... The worst-case scenario now? Total re-reconstruction, meaning that everything rebuilt in Curry's first surgery would be reattempted. If that proved necessary, they'd use better parts -- specifically, tendons from a cadaver -- and the projected recovery time would be at least six months. But such an operation would also be extreme enough that no one would be sure how the new hinge would hold up on the court.

Fortunately, Curry did not need total re-construction and the rest is history.

In a recent feature on The Players' Tribune, Curry was asked the following question: "Let's pretend we are making the movie of your life. What's one scene that would absolutely have to be in the movie? A moment when your life changed in a profound way."

This was Curry's response:

"I don't know the specific day, but it was the summer of 2012. I'd just had my second surgery on my ankle. And I was sitting on like this makeshift couch in my living room, in Charlotte. It was just me and my wife in the room. And I don't think she'd ever heard me say like … never heard me doubt myself or doubt the process of coming back from an injury, because I'm such an optimistic person. I always see the glass half full.

But in that moment it really tested my mental strength to get through the dog days of a second summer of rehab, and not really know where the end was going to be. You always wonder, again like what we just talked about it - you're chasing greatness, you want to be great, but the one thing I couldn't control was my health, in terms of my ankles.

And she gave me that one line of like, "Don't forget who you are." That kind of kept me focused on that mission. And two years later, or almost three years later, I'm back on the court, winning the championship. So that moment right there was kind of like the lowest of lows, and it was kind of only up from there."

Who would play Steph in the movie? Who would play Ayesha. These are important questions that we need answers to.

On Tuesday night, Curry took to Instagram to show some love to his wife.

Happy wife, happy life.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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