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She's Back! Warriors ‘Dance Cam Mom' Busts a Move at Sharks Playoff Game

'I have to say, when I dance, the teams do very well,' the famous dancing fan quipped

She's back, but this time she's in teal.

The woman known for captivating the crowd at Golden State Warriors home games with her trademark pizzazz and spunky dance moves lit up a new arena Wednesday night: the "Shark Tank" in San Jose.

Standing alongside San Jose Sharks mascot "SJ Sharkie," Robin Schreiber was captured on the dance cam showing off her now famous collection of gyrating gestures during the Sharks' triumph over the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 4 of the teams' second-round playoff series.

"I bring luck — although the teams do not need any luck — but I have to say, when I dance, the teams do very well," Schreiber, a Redwood City resident and retired teacher of 35 years, quipped. 

The cramped dance floor in front of her seat and a sea of 17,562 raucous fans couldn't throw Schreiber off. She was locked in and grooving from the moment the camera panned to her during the second period.

"I’m in my zone," Schreiber said. "Really, I’m in my own zone kind of trying to listen to the beat of the music. I am in my own zone. I really am not paying attention to anybody around me."

Not even the playful shark mascot trying to chomp on her head could distract her during her routine.

"Sharkie dancing next to me, that threw me off a little bit because he really was really getting into my space," Schreiber laughed. "It wasn’t on the camera but he kept putting his mouth over my head. I'm thinking, 'OK, this is like too much.'"

While frenzied fans kept their cheers echoing for the team long after the Sharks blew out the Golden Knights in Game 4, social media users kept their nonverbal applause going for Schreiber when video of her dancing at the game was posted to Instagram.

Commenters left notes reading "Love your dancing and the joy you bring to each arena," "THIS WAS THE BEST" and "Keep dancing!!!!"

"It makes me feel good," Schreiber said of the compliments. "That’s actually the fun part of it. When I’m out and doing my thing, people, for some reason, a lot of women come up to me and said, 'You’re a real role model.'"

Schreiber admittedly doesn't feel like she's a role model, but she often finds herself in situations when women tell her the opposite.

"They said, 'No, [you are], because you’re an older woman and you really don’t care what people are saying or thinking. You’re just out having fun,'" Schreiber said. "A lot of older women are afraid to do that."

Schreiber isn't sure just yet if she'll make another appearance on Sunday when the Sharks host the Golden Knights in a pivotal Game 6 matchup. What's also in question is if she can get her hands on a Sharks Christmas-style sweater, similar to the one that made her famous at Warriors games.

"I might have to buy it online myself," she said.

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