Google Joins Royal Wedding Party

The upcoming royal wedding has been Googled -- like, a lot. Answering the call, the House of Windsor will live-stream Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton's nuptials on The Royal Channel for Anglophiles and looky-loos alike.

The royals are even live-blogging the event, with commentary and expert "analysis." 

In addition, users can send their video well-wishes to the would-be king and queen before the ceremony begins on April 29. And should one forget to save the date, there's a countdown clock to the big day.

Keyword search trends, according to Google's official blog, show that worldwide interest is high, with Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Phillipines all cracking the top-10 most searched regions.

(Trending at the time of this post is also 'Anarchists to target royal wedding.' Party poopers.)

In 1960, Queen Elizabeth II's sister, Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones live on television. A reported 20 million people tuned in for that.

With the broadcast and live-stream coverage for this royal happening, the audience numbers should dward that figure.

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