• Community Jan 18

    USC Law Professor Reflects on Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream

    California Live’s Danielle Nottingham caught up with USC Law Professor, Jody David Armour to discuss Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. As an eight-year-old, Professor Armour remembers dialing in on the feelings and emotions surrounding Dr. King’s assassination and not fully grasping the impact until years later. He shares what MLK Day means to him and tips on how to move...

  • inspiring stories Dec 20, 2021

    Dennis Quaid's Inspiring New Role

    Dennis Quaid has wowed us as a handsome football star and hunky baseball pitcher. This time he’s on the sideline, starring as legendary coach Dick Vermeil in the film about future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Kurt Warner: “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story.”

  • inspiring stories Dec 1, 2021

    Giving Tuesday – Cali Style

    In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, California Live’s Angela Sun hits the beach! She talks with the leaders of Color The Water, a non-profit that offers free surf lessons and media for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

  • inspiring stories Sep 30, 2021

    Mobile Market Brings LA Food Access

    Prosperity Market is a mobile market which provides a platform for black farmers, food producers, and chefs. “California Live” meets with the founders, who take the market around Los Angeles, to hear about their mission: to transform the local ecosystem by creating food access and economic opportunity.

  • inspiring stories Sep 3, 2021

    How the Porto's Bakery Empire Was Built

    In 1976, Porto’s Bakery started with one woman selling cakes and pastries to friends and neighbors. Today the bakery employs over 1,500 people. In recognition of Labor Day, “California Live” visits the popular chain to hear the story of how one family created a bakery empire through the cornerstones of hard work and relationships.

  • inspiring stories Aug 27, 2021

    Rags to Riches Story Behind Ocean Prime

    Cameron Mitchell’s story is like the screenplay for a Hollywood movie. He went from teen runaway to owning a $300 million restaurant empire. He shares his inspirational story with California Live inside his flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills – Ocean Prime.

  • inspiring stories Apr 28, 2021

    Chrysalis Is Getting the Unemployed Jobs They'll Keep

    The life-changing organization Chrysalis helps people who have faced challenges, such as homelessness or being in the criminal justice system, to find and keep jobs. In honor of Pay It Forward Day “California Live” hears about how the organization connects the unemployed to long-term work. Plus, we meet Oprah’s Super Soul 100 Caitlin Crosby to hear about her new book...

  • inspiring stories Apr 21, 2021

    How Snoop Dogg & Todd Graves Saved Chili John's

    Todd Graves is in the business of helping struggling restaurants recover. The host of the new TV docuseries “Restaurant Recovery” tells us a special story about Chili John’s—a 1950s style iconic diner where Walt Disney used to eat (and also around the corner from our studio). We talk to Graves and the owners to find out why Snoop Dogg jumped...

  • inspiring stories Jan 22, 2021

    Teenage Artist Captures Attention of Biden & Harris

    14-year-old Tyler Gordon is a normal teenager with extraordinary artistic talent. He’s overcome so many challenges in his life and now his God-given gift is being recognized by Time Magazine, U.S. President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris! Hear what she had to say about this magnificent portrait of her, what the president commissioned him for, and what...

  • inspiring stories Jan 9, 2021

    Meet Sherman the Lovable Llama

    Piglets, puppies, goats, lambs, calves, and now…llamas? Meet Sherman! He’s goofy, curious, lovable, and one of the latest members of Maddie Johnson’s family of 40+ rescue animals. Hear the heartwarming story of how he got rescued, became the talk of the town, and the exciting future that’s in store for him.

  • inspiring stories Nov 20, 2020

    Bershan Shaw's Tips For Finding Your ‘Inner Warrior'

    Bershan Shaw has been described as an unstoppable warrior woman. After beating terminal breast cancer, she’s now on a mission to help others also overcome their own personal battles. Listen as she shares her incredible story and tips on how we can all find our ‘inner warrior’.

  • inspiring stories Sep 28, 2020

    18-Year-Old Sets His Sights on Becoming Mayor

    Ryan Raimondi is not your typical high school senior. He’s an ambitious young man that is running for mayor in Brentwood, Contra Costa county. Whether he wins or not, Ryan has a bright future and we are excited to see all that he will accomplish.

  • inspiring stories Sep 15, 2020

    Surprise Gift for Family Who Taught Us a Lesson in Courage

    A three-year-old boy was facing a terrifying health condition when he was misdiagnosed, but his tenacious parents searched endlessly for answers until he was on the road to recovery. They now have a message for parents everywhere (and we have a gift of thanks for them).

  • inspiring stories Sep 9, 2020

    New Lifeline to Save Animal Lives

    The Butte County Humane Society was overrun with animals from the 2018 Camp fire. Now they have new hope – a brand new facility. Malou Nubla talks to the director about the shelter’s journey and hope for the future.

  • California Live Aug 27, 2020

    Music From the Heart to Heal

    Music is the best medicine for heart transplant patient Sean Tiwanak and his cardiologist Dr. Lily Stern! Malou Nubla talks to doctor and patient about their special bond – making beautiful music.

  • inspiring stories Aug 25, 2020

    Twins Reunited with Surgeon Who Helped Save Them

    USC freshman twins Ashley and Aspen Somers are two in a billion! That’s the odds they would have survived a rare condition called twin-twin transfusion syndrome, had a special doctor not come to their rescue. 17 years ago, USC professor Dr. Ramen Chmait performed a rare surgery that saved their lives. Danielle Nottingham hosts their inspiring reunion.

  • inspiring stories Aug 24, 2020

    Inspirational Student Helps the Homeless

    Xan Wesley wants to save the world! The medical school-bound student is helping test the homeless for Covid-19 and he talks to Danielle Nottingham about his experience and what he hopes to accomplish next.

  • inspiring stories Aug 10, 2020

    Breast Cancer Survivor's Run With A Purpose

    Sharael Kolberg is celebrating her 50th birthday with a mission: running to find a cure for breast cancer. She’s a survivor and she tells Danielle Nottingham all about her program, 50forthecure.org.

  • inspiring stories May 27, 2020

    Olympic High Jumper Shares Her High Hopes

    Jessica Vilchis talks to Olympian Chaunté Lowe about her courageous battle with breast cancer and her accomplished career.

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