Pandemonium Aviaries Volunteer Coordinator Needed

Help Save Birds at the Pandemonium Aviaries

Date, time and location: The founder is currently handling all the volunteers requests and coordination. The volunteer coordinator needs to be available each weekday to deal with volunteer issues. This does not require being on site each day.

Max # of volunteers: We are looking for one volunteer to take over as much of the volunteer coordination as possible. If the workload requires it, we will look for an additional coordinator.

Contact: Lance Lawson
Contact email:
Contact phone: 408 512-6911

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Age restriction: at least 18 years of age.

Type of work: responding to email, evaluating volunteer applications, interviewing applicants, scheduling work, problem solving issues with schedules.

Waiver required: volunteer application and in-person interview.

Attire: casual

Items to bring: none

Parking: available at aviary

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