Bay Area DMV Offices Prepare For Rush of Undocumented Immigrants Applying for Driver's Licenses

Long lines are expected Friday as undocumented immigrants across the state are allowed to drive for the first time.

A new law took  effect Thursday and it affects hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the South Bay.

A new DMV office in San Jose will serve as a temporary drivers license processing center. The new building features nearly 100 windows to process the expected rush of new applicants. Officials said there are three other drivers license processing centers across the state.

Undocumented immigrants interviewed Thursday said they have been studying for months and are ready to take the drivers license test. The San Jose Mexican Consulate also has been offering classes to help immigrants with the written exam.

Critics argue undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to apply for a license at all. But immigrants said the ability to drive legally is not a luxury, rather a necessity.

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