Bay Area Families Clamor for Chihuahuas After Disney Movie

Hollywood has often dictated fashions and trends, but usually it's for people.
One Chihuahua is suddenly a hot commodity in the Bay Area shelter where she's up for adoption, all because of the hit movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

Polly has been popular because families see the film, and either want to take home the star, or one of the supporting actors.

"They'll just say 'Oh, we're kind of interested in Chihuahuas,' and our staff interview them and and that's when it comes out," said Lisa Simmons of the group Pets in Need. "'(People say) we kind of liked them before and now we really like them and think they might be the right dog for us."

Simmons said check with adoption agencies to make sure that a chihuahua is the right pet for you and your family.

Simmons said she and members of the group have been pleased that on the movie's Web site, Disney encourages adopting from animal shelters, particularly mixed breeds.

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