Antioch Police Chief Hopes Monetary Incentives Will Help Recruit More Officers

The department is in need of more officers while at least eight cops are on leave due to a DA and FBI investigation into the department

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The ongoing FBI and District Attorney investigation is creating growing uncertainty for two Contra Costa County police departments.

The Antioch Police Department's chief held a press conference Tuesday and said that uncertainty could also threaten public safety, which has him pushing to recruit more officers immediately.

Interim Police Chief Steve Ford fielded numerous questions about the ongoing investigation and explained it involves at least eight of the city's police officers.

"We don't have a hand in the investigative process at all," he said.

Chief Ford said he needs more help while those officers are on leave for the duration of the investigation. He hopes cash incentives will attract candidates.

"Over the next year, we've instituted a significant incentive program providing $30,000 to entry and lateral level, contingent on probationary timeline," he said.

At the moment, the department only has 76 full time cops. The police chief hopes incentives will change that, but did not specify how many more officers he wants to hire.

"I don't want to give any misinformation and say five or 10 or 15," he explained. "We'll take as many as we can get."

When asked how much of an impact the ongoing investigation will have on the hiring of officers, the chief said that is just one of the many challenges when it comes to recruiting more talent.

"I think law enforcement across the country, police departments, are having challenges with hiring and recruiting," he said. "Truthfully young people have other outlets to make a living."

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