Super Bowl

Fairfield Native Set to Hit the Stage at Super Bowl Halftime Show Next to JLo

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Bay Area native Matt Day’s moves have gotten him from being homeless to the world stage – on Sunday, he’s dancing next to JLo.

“Jen is a woman that demands excellence,” he said. “It’s a dream come true you travel the world, you stay in amazing hotels.”

Growing up in Fairfield, Day played football in high school, but when he lost a good friend to gun violence, he knew he had to turn his life around.

“I didn’t get into dance until high school that was during the hype movement was going everybody getting wild,” he said.

He chased the dream, learning to become a dancer with the Chapkis Dance Studio in Suisun.  He later moved to Los Angeles and lived in his car for a year, then a miracle happened -- Jennifer Lopez spotted him dancing in one of the many videos he appeared in.

“I get to be at the Super Bowl with a major artist, doing what I love at the halftime show, with the team that I’ve watched for 29 years and somebody that I know from being a kid,” Day said. “If that’s not God I don’t know what is.”

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