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Heavy Winds Blow Trees Onto Union City Duplex Buildings

Some people in Union City are without a home after trees fell onto several duplex buildings on Tuesday

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Heavy winds knocked four Eucalyptus trees onto several Union City duplex buildings on Starling Drive Tuesday. Although no one was hurt, the city evacuated a number of people and families from the damaged duplexes. The city is still trying to figure out the exact number of people impacted. 

People living in the buildings told NBC Bay Area that they’re just relieved that no one was hurt. One of the residents, Iliona Dobrovolschi, says it could have been a lot worse. 

“Our neighbor, the tree literally fell on [their house]. They came and they got them out through the window,” Dobrovolschi said.

Dobrovolschi also said it all seemed like a nightmare.

“I was telling my daughter, I can’t believe it. I usually see it on TV and now it’s here,” she said. 

Six duplex units have been yellow tagged, meaning people can only go in to retrieve their property. Another unit has been red tagged, so no one can go back inside for now. 

Those tags will remain until the city declares it safe to return. There is currently no timeline on how long it will be until residents can return home. 

An evacuation center is open for anyone who needs it at Ruggieri Senior Center at 33997 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City.

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